Today I had Michael McGill Jr. as my guest and when I tell you he brought it! He gave so much information that you may have to re-listen. Join us and ...View Details

Racism… Your Time Is Up

In the last episode of 'Dear White People' I had my daughter, Leah Kabuya, come talk from a Generation Z perspective. She gave insight on unconscious ...View Details

Today my guest, Briana Belser, gave loads of information on 'intent vs. impact', 'politics vs. racism', and the importance of knowledge. Join us to le...View Details

Dear White People…

Today I started a new series called 'Dear White People'. My guest, Meredith Atwood, gave insight on her experience of being a racist and having to cha...View Details

Today I talked about the 'Parkville March for Unity' protest and also marriage dynamics. I had my daughters on to tell their experience of the march b...View Details

Fear No More

Today I talked about my personal experiences with fear and how to over come it. We cannot afford for fear to hinder us anymore. Join me to let go of f...View Details

Racism with Gen Z

I had 2 out 5 of my daughters here with me to talk about racism, protests, and what change they want. They gave great advice to parents and children. ...View Details

Race, Racism, Racist.

Today we talked about the biggest problem facing our country:Racism. Olivier Kabuya gave great insight on the root of racism and how to combat it. Joi...View Details

I invited Crystal Lampitt again to talk about embracing your mental health. She gave insight on her process with experiencing mental health issues. Jo...View Details

Today I talked about being a superwoman and the myths along with it. I was an open book today so you can hear from my experiences! 

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